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Playing a US lotto or an international lottery online

A love for lottery games can be found in virtually every single country worldwide, although it would be hard to find another continent who enjoy competing in lottery games more than the United States – with just under fifty state-operated US lotto games in the States alone, and nine of them being multi-jurisdictional games, who could argue that the Americans simply love their lotto games?

Out of all these lotteries on offer in the US, there are two who truly stand out in terms of popularity, and offering some of the biggest jackpots that the world has ever seen. The US Mega Millions and US Powerball lottery games are two of the most spectacular lotteries to ever be drafted into existence. Not only do these US lottos offer you excitement and value for money and can be counted as two of the biggest lotteries worldwide, but they can also easily be considered as two of the most lucrative as well! With their biggest jackpot payouts being $656 million for the US Mega Millions, and the US Powerball following it up with a close $590.5 million, it’s both a wildly exciting and rather daunting prospect to think that YOU could actually be playing for these types of jackpots!

While these lotteries are based in the United States, thanks to online ticket purchasing services such as it is now possible for these American lotteries to be easily accessible to an eager global audience. The website offers guaranteed entry into some of the biggest lottery titles in the world, and with a 100% payout rate backing their service offering you can be assured that your international lottery winnings will be credited directly to your account! If you have ever doubted playing a US lotto or even an international lottery online, then we suggest putting to the test; and watch them pass any test you can throw at them with flying colours!

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